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This sign is hand scribbled in charcoal on rough parchment and tacked to the first shelf of scrolls.

IMPORTANT: No maps of quest related areas or items are published or stored in this library! Don't bother asking, because we won't provide them!

"All the current maps are listed...if an area isn't listed then it is either being done now or will be done soon."

All of the maps available from Barad Aeglos are stored in gif format to allow for tiny size and ease of use....maps of some towns may be as small as 1k in size! To copy them, right click on each map and save it on your system and enlarge it in your paint program about five times.

All the maps listed are *public* maps that consist of all mappable rooms and buildings in an area....but they DO NOT contain legends!

These maps are meant simply to assist you in getting around....not to stop you from exploring a particular area! We at Barad Aeglos feel that the most satisfying part of exploring is finding your way around the first time....not to be led around by someone else.

Legended (color coded maps) are available, but they will cost you twenty-five thousand gold pieces each....so it is better for you to explore an area and add your own legend to a particular map. *grin*

IMPORTANT: The members of Barad Aeglos *do not* take requests for areas that aren't listed as of yet! The members will map areas based upon thier own travels, and each new area will be added to the list as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck and good exploring!

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